Thera is an animated series that takes place both on Earth, a world governed my science, and on Thera, a world governed by magic. We're currently developing concept art, story, and technologies to bring this world to life. We'll be growing this page more as we move further into development.


Long ago on Thera, a group of sorcerers discovered a means to harvest magical resources from the souls of living people. By doing so, the sorcerers magnified their own power but killed the people from whom the magic was harvested. A formal order of Wizards banished these dark sorcerers to Earth, a world governed by science, where it was thought they could do no further harm.

Thousands of years later, a young graduate student on Earth, unaware of sorcerers or prophecies, discovers an amulet in the woods. She is immediately transported to Thera, where she discovers she has ties to this dangerous new world and the dark sorcerers of old. As battle looms, and the dark sorcerers prepare to fulfill the prophecies of their return, it will be up to her and a small group of friends to save both worlds from disaster.

Thera News & Updates

Test Renders

Unreal Engine is a complex piece of software. Our co-founder Brian Dean has been working with it for years. Today, he is building new locations and particle systems to create our world. You can check out some of the tests in the links below or subscribe to the Amulet Studios YouTube channel and be among the first to see the latest progress.


Our team is super small at the moment, consisting of Brian, Kevin, and the people listed below. We're looking for help. If you're interested, get involved.
Character Design and concept art

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